Move your bedroom

The bedroom is probably the largest in your home, where you will spend most of your time moving. It is not usually only big, but it also contains a lot of objects. How to manage the packaging of your room is therefore a task that you should be well prepared with, and plan ahead to have enough time before the move date. Here are some great ideas on moving bedroom furniture, home decor, electronics, etc. from planning to the moment you enter your new home or apartment.

Mobile Chamber Checklist

Explore your room and what items will be moved to your new home. Making a decision what to pack and what to leave can take a lot of time, especially because you will probably have emotionally attached to many of the items you have. Yet, getting rid of some unimportant or unnecessary household items will make your room packing faster and cheaper.

How to pack the room

The bed is one of the largest furniture in the room. If you do not have the skills and / or the tools to do it, it’s better to have the movers.

What’s going on in your new home. Yes, it is a major problem. How big is your new room, what furniture do you want to put in, how will they fit and how? Take measurements of your room and furniture. Making a floor plan will help you decide what to pack. Why move this large wardrobe when you do not have enough room for it in your new room?

Larger furniture like a king or a queen size bed, a couch, a table, chairs, etc. are better moved dismantled. Some of them could be big, bulky, bulky and generally quite inconvenient to move as is. Plus, large furniture can not fit through your door so you can not move it without disassembling anyway. Before you start disassembling large furniture, make sure you have the right knowledge and skills to do it, as well as the right tools. The absence of any of these elements will prevent you from accomplishing this task and, in this case, you’d better get help – finding reliable movers for this job is always a good thing as it will save you time , efforts and will save the risks. the health of handling heavy and heavy household objects.

Moving a room in Montreal

How to pack your room? Use a mattress cover for your mattress. Sheets and pillows can be packed directly in boxes.
Get the packaging supplies you will need. Depending on what you are going to move, try to estimate how much packaging material you will need and consider which ones you will use. Bubble wrap, peanut wrapping, mattress blanket, wrapping paper, duct tape, scissors, colored markers for labeling boxes, moving blankets and mobile pads are the basic packaging supplies to consider having to your disposition. If you have difficulty deciding how much you will need, getting advice directly from room movers can help you. Alternatively, you can use your own blankets and towels for packing, but you will need to wash them after the move.
Organize the packing process as soon as possible, especially if you have a larger bedroom. Do not underestimate the time you will need. Start packing the items you do not need until the move is complete. Clearly label the boxes with their contents on the top and all 4 sides. Do not overfill the boxes – they will be more difficult to transport and may break under the weight. Do a little work every day to maximize your move.

Move a laptop

When packing the electronics, observe the instructions in their manuals.
How to pack? Use wardrobe boxes for clothes. For objects with legs like tables and chairs, you can use socks to prevent them from scratching your floor, walls and other objects around when they are moved. If you have a TV, DVD player, laptop, surround sound system, home theater, etc. in your room, check out our electronic packing guide. Shades should be wrapped with wrapping paper – wrap each one with a layer. Place the lampshades inside each other then in the box. Use crumpled wrapping paper to cushion items

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