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Déménagement 7 étoiles offre des prix compétitifs dans la région de Montréal

Our residential and commercial customers in Montreal are the proof of our know-how! Test the quality and efficiency of our moving teams at a competitive price !


The pros of the residential move in Montreal

Would you like to move into your new home and are you looking for a reliable team of movers in Montreal? Let yourself be seduced by our teams of professional and qualified movers. Montreal 7-Star Moving offers fast, efficient and safe service. For any residential or commercial move in the Montreal area, call our professionals, and you will not be disappointed. Do you come to buy a new house or a condo or do you change neighborhood soon? Rely on professional movers and qualified movers in Montreal 7 Stars.

They handle your most valuable assets carefully so that no damage is done to your items.

With the 7 Star Removals team at your side you are guaranteed to get a fast and safe move by a courteous staff. We offer residential or commercial services


Turnkey Service with Montreal 7 Star Move

We understand that a move involves a lot of stress and that is why we bring you our most complete support, whether you are in apartments or houses, Moving Montreal 7 Stars accompanies you and facilitates your efforts.

Whether for a small or a large move, we take care of all the stages of your move, from packing your dishes to assembling your furniture.


A Montreal residential move with peace of mind

We are aware of all the difficulties you may face during a move, and it is to relieve you of this heavy burden that we put at your disposal. We have competent and friendly staff and qualified teams who will take care of all the details of the move. From the packing of your most fragile objects to the transport of heavier objects, nothing escapes them. Our goal is to offer you a quality service in complete safety. For this, all our movements are carried out with agility and meticulousness. In addition to comprehensive liability insurance, we have the proper protective equipment to take care of your belongings: red carpets, protective blankets, chair covers and wardrobe boxes. Montreal 7-Star Moving is committed to the safety of your fragile items and delicate furniture. We take care of your needs, whether your move is near or far away. Our company also helps you pack and unpack your belongings by organizing them so that you can access them as simply as possible.

 We have full liability insurance and all the appropriate protective equipment such as: protective blankets, wardrobe boxes, red carpets and chair covers. Visit our services page.


We take great care of your furniture and your valuables!

Whether for your chairs or appliances, all your belongings are carefully handled by our highly qualified residential movers at 7-Star Montreal Moving.
They make every effort so that the handling of your things is done smoothly. They have the tools to move all things, whether light or heavy, such as straps and straps.


Your commercial move


Do you want to move your business to a new location? 7-Star Moving takes care of both the residential move and the commercial move. We plan every step of your commercial move so that it is perfectly realized. Our team works as fast and as efficiently as possible, to avoid any repercussions on your business. We always respect the deadlines to allow you to reopen your business as soon as possible. We take care of the installation of your furniture, the meticulous packing of your business before the move or the transport of your fragile furniture. Our movers do their utmost to ensure that your property is handled with the utmost care and gentleness. At home, every agent knows his work and effectively performs the task entrusted to him.

With us, no secret!

We want to offer you the best residential moving service at competitive prices. So we do not add hidden charges to your bill.

With us you pay for what you want to get as a service, point to the line. One serious address: Moving Montreal 7 Stars!


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What our clients says

3 mai 2017
I did business with 7-Star Moving for the move of two fitness machines. The movers were very professional and efficient. In addition, their price is more than competitive! I highly recommend them!

Claudia Del Castillo

14 avril 2017

Wow great service !!! They were able to come the same day and everything was perfect! A big thank you.
Marybelle MB

19 avril 2017
Movers very professional. A job that was done quickly and without any damage. All things well packaged in the covers. Good job guys!

Familia Vlad

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