How to pack glasses to move

As you can imagine, packing fragile items when you move to another house is quite different from wrapping clothes or books. Your evening dress will not break if you accidentally drop it, and a book in your collection will not be. However, throwing a breakable object on the ground is never a good idea, is it?

If you have made the informed decision to pack your stuff by yourself, you are forced to reach the kitchen at some point in your marathon wrapping. And when you do, you’ll probably find yourself rather nervous when it comes to packing all the breakable objects out there.

So, this is where our helpful packaging guides come in. Now that we have already largely covered the issue of packing kitchen plates for a move, now is the time to take a closer look at the best way to pack the glassware.

Read on to learn how to pack glasses to move: from the sorting process and packaging materials required to the special packaging tips and techniques that will keep your glassware safe and secure during the move.

Get packing supplies for packing glasses for moving

Packing the glassware for a move is impossible without the use of proper packaging materials. The main idea, of course, is to make sure that your kitchen glassware, including glassware and crystal glassware, will be sufficiently padded with wrapping paper and bubbles, and adequately protected. any harmful external factors.

What to use to pack glasses? Before switching to packing glasses for a move, here are the packaging supplies you will need to fix in advance so that you do not have to interrupt the packaging process unnecessarily.

Boxes for packing glasses. Cookware is better packaged in cardboard boxes with thicker walls and stronger cardboard. These are the same containers that are used for wrapping kitchen plates and are called flat boxes (aka flat barrels or dish packs). Basically, the thicker board adds extra protection for your glassware pieces. Given the high moving costs and the cost of the rest of the packaging material, you may not be willing to invest in such special boxes, which is understandable. The good news is that regular cardboard boxes will do as well as long as you prepare them properly before filling them.
Paper for packaging glasses. Packing glasses for a move is a delicate task that will require the right approach for it to be successful. Make sure to buy enough soft wrapping paper as an initial protective layer for your fragile items. Newsprint is NOT suitable for wrapping glasses – it tends to leave unpleasant ink stains – but you can still use newspapers to fill any space remaining in the boxes after they are wrapped.
Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will usually serve as a second layer of protection for your glassware, so it is strongly recommended to get some rolls. Do not worry if you buy more bubble wrap than you need to protect your glasses, as this famous plastic material will be in great demand throughout the packaging process.
Packing tape. Obtain a few rolls of good quality packing tape to reinforce the packing boxes, prevent unwrapping of the wrapped glasses during the move and seal the cardboard boxes as soon as they are filled with protected glassware.
Markers. Prepare a single black marker or set of color markers to label the dish boxes once you have wrapped them.

Sort your glasses before packing

Before coming to the steps that describe how to pack the glasses when traveling, there is something you need to do even if you do not have the time to do it, that is sorting your pieces before packing.

Packing of glassware for moving

Some glassworks are more valuable than others.

The fact is that every time you choose to pack items that have not been sorted, you run the risk of wasting time packing them, wasting more money on transportation and wasting space. to store them in the new house. In other words, it would be a gross mistake not to review your glassware collection and inspect each piece carefully before being ready to pack glasses into a box.

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