Office managers say that relocation projects are among the most difficult to manage. And yet, the commercial movements are on the rise, which means that most managers will be affected by at least one move during their career.

Efficiency is inherent in commercial relocation. To succeed, commercial movers must be organized and act quickly. It requires skills and experience. Here are 8 ways that commercial movers support managers and business owners so they can survive the day of moving and reduce downtime.

1. Mastering the main lines of furniture

Commercial movers, like us, choose to invest in training in the installation of office furniture. Certified installers ensure the safety of your furniture systems by dismantling and reinstalling them as intended by the manufacturer. Professional installers also master the range of furniture that does not offer certification, making it the fastest and most reliable choice. Moving 7 Stars has installed thousands of workstations for businesses across Canada.

2. innovative equipment

Moving 7 Stars uses proprietary mobile equipment, like reusable e-crates, instead of cardboard boxes. And we help companies reduce the use of packaging materials by providing clear instructions and guidance.

Workers often experience the negative impact of lifting heavy boxes. But stackable moving boxes offer an inexpensive alternative. They also better protect office objects for safe transport.

3. Storage Solutions

Whether you need temporary storage for a moving day or delayed construction delays, commercial movers can provide the right storage solution for your business. They will transport and store your goods. Then they deliver them to your door when you are ready. Until then, you will have peace of mind knowing that your inventory is secure and counted.

4. Overall strategies

Developing a moving day strategy relieves stress and ensures a smooth transition for everyone involved.

A basic strategy documents answers to key questions such as: how long will the move take, what supplies are needed and when to start packing. It includes a calendar with milestones and action steps. Find out what needs to be included in a more comprehensive resettlement strategy.

5. Travel Management

Moving 7 Stars assigns a supervisor to work with your team. So you have a designated point of contact for every aspect of your project. Larger moves also include a project manager. In addition, our customers can track the progress of their move using our system.

6. Decommissioning the office

After leaving a rented or rented office, you are required to return it to the condition stated in your lease or rental agreement. Commercial movers will move, store or dispose of all your furniture, including cabinets, curtains, cabins and wiring. Then they will clean and repair the empty space to comply with property management.

7. Reduce waste

Every year, businesses have millions of tonnes of recyclables and e-waste in Canadian landfills. To help offset the negative effects of corporate waste, 7 Star Removals can decommission your space by recycling or donating your unwanted items. We will make a guided tour to organize everything with you so that the moving day goes well.

8. Secure computer transport and configuration

Attempting to move computer equipment without an appropriate protocol could be a disaster. Commercial movers will safely disconnect, package, tag, transport and reinstall your equipment to get you up and running in your new office as quickly as possible.

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