Here are some things that any local moving company should do to ensure the safety of your home.

Protect your ramps

When moving to Montreal, your movers should do it. To do this, they can use furniture covers to protect access ramps and prevent any form of scratching. Although the protection should not be sophisticated (a simple covering of glued furniture), it will help to prevent the furniture from rubbing again when the objects are removed from the house.

Soil protection

Your movers can protect your floors in many ways during your local move to Montreal. They may have “floor runners”. These floor rails are made of rubber and grip the floor to prevent slipping. Your movers may also have a self-adhesive plastic roll. It also sticks to the floor to prevent slipping. If none of these two options exist, your movers can still protect your floor with moving blankets that are laid. The floor protection serves to prevent any damage to the ground during your move. Hardwood floors can be difficult to repair, as can vinyl flooring.

Dismember big items

To make sure your home is protected during your local move to Montreal, your movers should separate large items. For example, when moving to Montreal, you can have a queen size bed frame to move. In order not to damage or scratch the walls, the frame must be disassembled to avoid any damage. The same could be true for oversized sofas and oversized chairs. You can remove their feet to avoid scratches on doors and door frames when you take them out of the house. Of course, there are great things that can not be dismantled, but if they come home in pieces and require assembly, they should be disassembled before being removed.

Padding furniture inside

During your local move to Montreal, your movers should stuff as much as they can inside the house. Although this protects your furniture, it also serves to protect your home. For example, if a dresser is removed from your home without padding, a light brush against a wall may leave a mark or scratch. If the piece is padded, the same brush will probably leave no mark. It is important to note that large, oversized pieces such as sofas may be difficult to walk through the doors with padding. Thus, not all parts can be moved as long as they are padded, but the majority should.

Remove the doors

While this may not be mandatory, removing doors can help you during your local move to Montreal. Although most furniture can pass through the door, some items are usually very tight. By removing the door, you will avoid any scratches or chafing that may result from pushing something through the door. Removing the door is often a simple thing that helps prevent damage by giving a few extra inches to the big pieces coming out of the house. It makes a difference when running big pieces!

Although damage can happen from time to time, your movers can do some things to avoid damaging your home. If your movers do not protect your floors as much as you want or if you have questions or concerns about certain parts, be sure to talk to them. You can always ask for more protection during your move. Staying quiet and staying still will not help if something happens. After all, your home and your furniture are your investment and you have the right to protect them. Check out our blog for more tips on how to be ready for moving day!

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