You are approaching the day of the move, and after weeks and / or months of planning, you are getting closer to the big moment. But anything that comes from your old home will not make the trip with you to your new home. Whether you’re downsizing, decorating a new space, or trying to minimize moving costs, moving out is a great excuse to get rid of the accumulated clutter (and maybe earn a few extra dollars!). Here are some tips for organizing your own move sale.

Inventory and prices

After choosing the items you want to sell with the date of your sale, make an inventory and a price list. Take the time to research what your items should be worth and ask around to see what others would pay for them. On the day of the sale, clearly label the items with the price or group them under a price sign.

Permit and approval

Check with your homeowners association or local council to find out if you need a permit or permit to arrange a garage sale. There may be restrictions on the location, signs, times, noise level and equipment you use to set up your sale (can you place these posts and tables on this lawn?).
Recruit help. Send a call to your friends and family to help you out during the day (maneuver the tank, help sell goods). You do not want to lose customers if you are waiting for help, and it is also beneficial to have extra eyes to monitor all the items displayed. Make sure to thank them for volunteering – like a pizza for lunch, drinks and a big hug!

Do it well

There is no point trying to arrange a garage sale if the items for sale are dirty, broken or not working. Be sure to clean, repair and test everything you are going to sell. By having items in good condition, you increase the chances that someone will buy them and even increase the selling price. Also, spend some time cleaning your sales area (mowing your lawn, picking up trash, sweeping, cleaning your garage). You do not want people to continue driving if they can not find the items on sale in the whole bazaar (they will not want to stop either).

Get the word out there

It is important to advertise your sale through advertising. There are many ways to share information locally: advertising in your local newspaper, online ads like Craigslist or Kijiji, event listings on community portals, or asking local businesses and community groups to post flyers. . If you are displaying flyers or posters, be sure to do so where it is allowed. Centers, community bulletin boards or local cafes. It is also useful to decorate (balloons are good!) And to post signs on the day, so that everyone can easily find your sale.

Be prepared

Expect the unexpected. Have bags available in case there are requests. Collect tarpaulins to place on your tables if a storm suddenly occurs or install tents that you can climb. Make sure you have enough small bills and coins – not everyone will have the exact exchange rate. More importantly, do not forget to have fun!

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