Life is better when it is shared with others. Nobody knows it better than today’s families living in multigenerational households. Although these homes may seem more crowded for some, those living with large families of all ages know the special connections and experiences that come from living together after a real estate transaction.

As great as these households may be, we all know they face a unique set of challenges. When so many people live so close to each other, it can be difficult to keep things the way you like them or even keep your home efficient with so many users of the amenities of your home. The good news is that just a few strategic upgrades to smart home technology will make your home a better place to live for everyone under the roof.

Smart Lights, different settings

When it comes to personal preferences at home, few things are as conflictual as lighting a room. Fortunately, today’s intelligent lighting systems are here to help. Whether you like ceiling lights in full illumination or a few lights scattered around the room, smart light bulbs and lighting systems make it easier for everyone in your family. Rather than the fixed and energy-hungry light sources of traditional light bulbs, smart light bulbs feature incredibly efficient LED light sources that easily outperform their incandescent counterparts, while offering a host of other smart features. You can adapt these lights to people who use them, all remotely and via a mobile application:

Change the white balance to help your grandfather read better.

Set the lights to festive colors for your next holiday party for adults only.

Plan a night mode to help children fall asleep.

Just a few simple bulbs can provide a wide range of lighting choices for each family member. These lighting systems are even better when you combine them with a smart home concentrator from the hardware store or your ISP. Pairing your smart lights with a hub and its associated mobile app allows you to fully control your lights from the couch (or even from the desk), and special wall switches can switch between custom lighting modes at the touch of a button of a button. Each member of the family can have a predefined lighting corresponding to their needs.

Security systems for everyone

Today’s smart home security services do not require a lot of new cables, and they usually work in conjunction with an associated mobile application. Not only is this convenient (on-the-go security notifications can save your life), but it makes it much easier to manage your security system for everyone at home.

While many legacy traditional home security systems remain unused due to wall panels and limited functionality, cameras and sensors in today’s systems can be automatically activated when you leave the device and deactivated by the presence of a connected smartphone. even a key ring. Here’s how they can work across generations in your home:

Pair the security system with smart locks, giving kids a special code to enter. Never wonder when they are coming home safely, because you can also receive a real-time text alert. You also do not need to accidentally trigger an alarm that could frighten them, either. Everything can be automated and controlled via an application, which reduces the risk of false alarms.

When on a business trip, watch for parcels and activities in the courtyard of your hotel room. Get text alerts when your security camera’s motion sensors are activated so you can instantly see what just happened at home.

For the older generation of your home, there is no need to manipulate keypads or to forget to turn off the alarm when they come home. Everything can be done automatically, simply by having them carry their smart phone with them.

Smart Speakers

The last update to consider is probably the most fun. Family members of all ages love music, but as everyone knows, every generation has its own tastes and favorites. Smart speakers can help families share the classics together, and provide a musical oasis when you need time for yourself.

Whether you choose a dedicated speaker system or even a speaker with a voice assistant, most allow direct streaming from your phone, and many home syncs can play the same songs in each room or split your music. in zones. These systems will make your living room party fun at the next family reunion, give teens a safe place for their personal reading list when they knock out a school project, or allow grandparents to listen to their own. favorite podcasts. bedroom.

Life is better together

When planning how to organize (or rearrange) your living space to accommodate your family of all ages, think about how certain products can bring your family closer


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