For your next move, you have considered moving with a professional. After getting quotes from a couple of moving companies, you saw a sign of renting a truck at what appeared to be a reasonable $ 19.95. You look again at your quotes, and decide:

“Hey, I can do it myself with the help of some of my friends – after all, who does not like helping friends move?”

As the day of the move gets closer, some of your friends contact you, letting you know that they have actually made previous commitments that they have forgotten. It had been forgotten that he had promised to rub the feet of his grandmother, another had forgotten his next exam. As you get closer to the move, you start to see some of the hidden costs to move.
As you prepare for your next move, make sure you understand the hidden costs to get around. Some of the hidden costs to move are:

Time commitment

One of the hidden costs to move is your time. Even if you do not just need to tidy up everything (which can take a few weeks for an average family with full-time parents), you have to prepare your home for the move (remove doors, ramps, etc.) you must also dismantle the furniture and other parts that will not move as they are now. This can be beds, desks, entertainment units, etc. In addition to that, you must also load everything, drive to your new home, then unload everything and install everything. Once done, you must return the truck, so that you do not incur another day of rental fees.

Truck rental costs

This cost of renting the truck can not be a hidden cost to get around, but the other costs associated with renting a truck are not necessarily advertised. Some of these costs include fuel and mileage. Some of the other costs that can be added to these are costs for not making the truck clean, or with less fuel than you started with. Another factor to consider is if you have underestimated the amount of things to move. After all, you are not a professional. You do not necessarily know what you are looking for. If you rent a bad size truck, it may be a longer rental period because you will have to make multiple trips, which can increase the travel time by a few days instead of one, and increase the fuel.

Time away from work

One of the possible hidden costs for moving oneself is income loss, or vacation days due to taking a work leave to deal with your move. It depends of course where you move. If you move to another province, this can be a real barrier. You will need to consider the time spent picking up the truck, loading the truck, driving to the destination, unloading, installing and returning the truck. This is a factor that can easily be overlooked, but can certainly be felt.

Personal injury

No one wants to hurt themselves by moving, but if you have not moved someone before, or if you have not done so for a while, your body is not used to it. Although awareness of lifting techniques is not a secret, it can often be forgotten. During the chaos of the move, you do not necessarily think about the proper way to lift furniture items or boxes. You try to catch things and leave, and that’s when injuries can happen. Injuries can be an undesirable hidden cost for getting around, but can be a reality that you may face.


Another hidden unwanted cost to move is damage. Unlike a moving company, you can not simply file a claim when something is damaged. The situation can become difficult if friends help you and damage the furniture or the residence. You can not really ask them for money to repair the items, or to repair your house, because they help you. Again, this is one of the unwanted costs to get around, but can become a reality if a box has fallen, or if something is slipping out of their hands taking it to or from your house.

Reliability of work

As with our example in the introduction, giving up your weekend to help friends move is not necessarily something most people want to do. Although you may think that you have reliable friends, helping other movers may not be at the top of their lilies

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